William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream

My contribution for this marvellous play by Bare Cheek Theatre Company & Granary Theatre. Directed and designed by Tony McCleane-Fay with music and video by Cormac O’Connor and choreography by Philip McTeggart-Walsh. Cast form by young actors under 20.

Promo shots.



On Stage.

_MG_2211 _MG_2281 _MG_2290 _MG_2304 _MG_2315 _MG_2317 _MG_2335 _MG_2371 _MG_2374 _MG_2408 _MG_2409 _MG_2490 _MG_2532 _MG_2543 _MG_2551 _MG_2590 _MG_2629 _MG_2650 _MG_2658 _MG_2661 _MG_2698 _MG_2711 _MG_2727 _MG_2747 _MG_2789 _MG_2911 _MG_2958 _MG_2968 _MG_3080 _MG_3097 _MG_3103 _MG_3132 _MG_3150 _MG_3155 _MG_3162

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