My small collaboration for this big play. Gentrification by Enda Walsh. Produced by Corcadorca and Eat My Noise. Directed by Pat Kieran. Designer Paul Keogan. With Kieran Ahern and Evan Lordan. Venue; Old Cork Savings Bank.

Promo shots.

_MG_4777 _MG_4822 _MG_4862 _MG_4882 _MG_4912 _MG_4973


_MG_6583 _MG_6620 _MG_6631 _MG_6635 _MG_6645 _MG_6653 _MG_6684 _MG_6753 _MG_6774 _MG_6815 _MG_6852 _MG_6859 _MG_6878 _MG_6882

More in Flickr.

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