Come Dine With Charles Mee by Conflicted Theatre

One of those plays that get stuck into your head; the moment, the people around you, the actors, the words, those eyes staring straight to you. If you didn’t see Come Dine With Charles Mee you are missing an essential piece of theatre at the most high level.

My photos and poster for this wonderful experience. Plus a promotional video in collaboration with Evan Lordan.

Promo shots

_MG_3073 _MG_3152_do not publish _MG_3164_do not publish _MG_3188_do not publish

Promo shots_characters


_MG_5869 _MG_5890 _MG_5902


_MG_5926 _MG_5949


_MG_5805-Edit _MG_5825-Edit


_MG_5830 _MG_5838


_MG_5560 _MG_5565 _MG_5568 _MG_5572 _MG_5586 _MG_5596 _MG_5600 _MG_5604 _MG_5617 _MG_5624 _MG_5638 _MG_5643 _MG_5661 _MG_5669 _MG_5687 _MG_5715 _MG_5725 _MG_5738

Production shots

_MG_7370 _MG_7375 _MG_7385 _MG_7392 _MG_7403 _MG_7412 _MG_7423 _MG_7430 _MG_7432 _MG_7441 _MG_7445 _MG_7453 _MG_7462 _MG_7480 _MG_7485 _MG_7486 _MG_7500 _MG_7517 _MG_7552 _MG_7578 _MG_7591 _MG_7631 _MG_7652 _MG_7668 _MG_7679 _MG_7681 _MG_7705 _MG_7718 _MG_7736 _MG_7741 _MG_7780 _MG_7827 _MG_7830 _MG_7837 _MG_7851-2


come dine with charles mee_poster

Promotional video

More in Flickr.

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